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Important Information Regarding the
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Performance Xcel Center 12/30/2014

Please be aware that the appropriate minimum scale wage for a 2-hour rehearsal and 2 show performances with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Xcel Energy Center is $400. It has come to our attention that some members have been contacted by a national, or perhaps a local, non-AFM contractor offering this work at below Local 30-73 minimum scale wages. It appears that the TSO is seeking to hire 7 local string players to augment the TSO traveling group. Local 30-73 members should not accept any offer for this work at less than the minimum scale rate. Local I.A.T.S.E. Stagehands and Local 17 Concession workers will be receiving their union contracted rates for these shows. We find no reason that musicians should work for less than their established scale. There is a concern that the TSO contractor(s) may attempt to contact student musician replacements. If you teach, please inform your students, classes, and/or music schools regarding this situation.

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